Common Types of White Collar Crimes

Not all crimes involve harm to another person. Some crimes affect an individual or a business financially rather than physically. White collar crimes are among those types of crimes. What is a white collar crime and what are the most common types of this crime?

White collar crimes are those that take money from a person or a business by fraud or other non-violent means. A person is guilty of a white collar crime if they take money out of a business account, if they have money sent to them under false pretenses and in many other situations.

Most common types of white collar crimes include:

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·    Embezzlement: This type of crime occurs when an employee of a company transfers funds meant for the business into their own personal accounts and use the money as if it were their own. This is a felony charge.

·    Corporate Fraud: Many types of corporate fraud exist. A person may be guilty of corporate fraud if they falsify documents or conspire to take monies that are not their own.

·    Ponzi Schemes: Ponzi schemes involve investments made with promises of successful business ventures that in reality, have little to no hope of success because they depend on people investing.

·    Bankruptcy Scams: Bankruptcy scams are also common types of white collar scams that may send you to prison for many years. This type of fraud occurs if a person knowingly withholds information on a bankruptcy filing.

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